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Key Duplex Building Risks

Duplex construction in Sydney is increasingly popular – for good reason but you need to be aware of the key duplex building risks. The possibility of steady rental income and potential six-figure equity gains when owning a duplex is very attractive for investors. Also, duplexes are an option when one’s budget doesn’t really allow for […]

10 Qualities to Seek When Selecting Duplex Builders

Your satisfaction with your duplex hinges upon your choice of trusted duplex builders Failure to thoroughly evaluate builders can lead to poor quality construction and results that do not match your expectations or contractual elements. As you evaluate duplex builders, you should seek the proper combination of industry expertise and dedication to providing the highest […]

Advantages To Building Duplexes

Key Advantages To Building Duplexes for Investing In Sydney It is no surprise that Sydney’s cost of living is higher than in other places in Australia. In fact, according to Numbeo, its cost of living places it 31st out of 509 ranked cities in the world. Still, costs are relative. For example, it is still 9.42 […]

Maximise Your Profit

How Building a Duplex Can Maximise Your Profit Are you looking to make money from housing? Investing in property can be one of the most lucrative decisions you’ll ever make. However, the current housing market is difficult for small investors to enter. With property rates around Sydney skyrocketing, many investors have begun to question whether […]

Choosing a Duplex Builder

What You Need to Know Before Choosing a Duplex Builder Building a duplex home can be a valuable property investment, but it’s not a decision that you should rush into without doing research ahead of time. Building a duplex isn’t a decision that’s made on a whim – it takes a lot of time and […]

Why You Should Build a Duplex

Haven’t Built a Duplex Yet? Here’s Why You Should As you already know, Sydney has one of the most expensive housing markets around.    While this surge in housing prices created a thriving renter’s market where landlords could make an excellent return from the property, it also made it more difficult for the average Australian […]