10 Qualities to Seek When Selecting Duplex Builders

Your satisfaction with your duplex hinges upon your choice of trusted duplex builders

Failure to thoroughly evaluate builders can lead to poor quality construction and results that do not match your expectations or contractual elements.

As you evaluate duplex builders, you should seek the proper combination of industry expertise and dedication to providing the highest quality of customer service. Below are the top ten qualities to look for in a duplex builder. 

Industry experience

There is no substitute for a builder’s expertise. Ideally, you should choose a builder with at least one or two decades of experience building duplexes.

In particular, the duplex builder that you choose should also be well-versed in working with investors, families, and other project stakeholders in the Sydney community. Experienced duplex builders can help simplify the construction process and know how to help ensure that any Council requirements are met.  

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Also, this can’t just be an experienced builder, it needs to be an experienced DUPLEX builder.  Duplexes are considerably more complex in the planning process than houses and even good quality builders who don’t have much experience in duplex designs can come undone.

The proper license 

Duplex builders in Sydney should be licensed by the proper state licensing authority. Regulations exist to help protect property owners from entrusting building projects to unqualified individuals.

Licensing requirements stipulate that builders must be licensed or possess a valid apprentice license. If building apprentices are involved in a project, they must be supervised by a licensed builder. 

A commitment to customer service

Excellent customer service is exhibited in a multitude of ways. Builders with a passion for offering outstanding customer service typically display the following:

  • You should be able to reach your builder by phone or e-mail.
  • Top builders respond quickly to concerns and inquiries.
  • Attention to detail. Tending to project details is vital to optimizing results.
  • Regular communication. Your builder should provide regular project updates.

The willingness to provide a clear written estimate

A duplex builder should always be open to providing a quote or estimate in writing. Estimates should be as comprehensive as possible to ensure that there are no surprise costs to the customer.

An estimate to build a duplex should include the following components:

  • Anticipated timeframe within which the project can be completed
  • Estimated cost of materials and labor
  • A description of the limits of any guarantees or warranties offered
  • The approximate number of employees who will be required for job completion
  • A valid expiration date
  • The builder’s name, contact information, and signature


Pricing that is in line with industry norms

Your duplex builder should strive to help you achieve the duplex of your dreams at a competitive price.

Be wary of builders who offer prices that are significantly higher or lower than the industry average.

Estimates that are overly high may be indicative of predatory pricing while those that are abnormally low may suggest that there could be hidden costs.  Don’t squeeze everything out of the price because there may not be enough in it for your builder to complete or do a good job.  

Transparency is best when it comes to pricing, and you should be wary of builders who fail to give you a breakdown of estimated costs.

A complimentary consultation

A duplex builder should proactively offer a free consultation to interested customers.

If you have decided that you are ready to initiate the building process, request an appointment with the top builders you are considering.

Champion Homes Duplex Builders

The consultation provides an excellent opportunity to ask about the construction process and discuss your budgetary parameters. Additionally, you can inquire about the construction timeline and highlight any special needs that you may have.  

The ability to customise your duplex

If you have a special set of features that you require, a builder should be able to outline the feasibility of including those features and any associated costs.

Examples of customized duplex features include the following:

  • Alarm systems or security systems
  • Slideout range hoods and under bench ovens
  • Customized entry doors
  • Façade and window upgrades
  • Decking and patios

Champion Homes Duplex Builders

An impressive portfolio of completed duplex projects

Always ask to see samples of a builder’s work before you sign a contract.

A live visit to a recently completed project site is ideal, though this may not always be possible.

Some builders are even willing to show you the project renderings that they provided before they broke ground on a project. You can then compare the renderings to the completed duplex to assess a builder’s ability to deliver on his or her promises.

A robust collection of satisfied references

Highly satisfied customers indicate that a builder can establish solid working relationships with families, architects, and investors.

The ability to work alongside key stakeholders is vital to the successful completion of a duplex.

Be sure to contact each individual on the reference list and be wary of builders who are reluctant to supply a list of references upon request. 

Clearly, there are many qualities that set an accomplished duplex builder apart from the competition. As you evaluate potential builders, look for professionals who exhibit the collection of qualities outlined above.

By taking the time to carefully screen potential duplex builders, you will help ensure that you are satisfied with your duplex.