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Why You Should Build a Duplex

Haven’t Built a Duplex Yet? Here’s Why You Should

As you already know, Sydney has one of the most expensive housing markets around.

Champion Homes Duplex Builders  Champion Homes Duplex Builders

While this surge in housing prices created a thriving renter’s market where landlords could make an excellent return from the property, it also made it more difficult for the average Australian to live in Sydney.

The Benefits of Having a Duplex Home

One of the ways that increased rent has changed the face of the housing market in Sydney is through duplex homes. They’re more popular than flats because they take up significantly less space and are better integrated into neighbourhoods, meaning there’s no need for large car parks or special zoning permits.

Win Win

Additionally, duplex homes have proven to be a win-win scenario for property investors and tenants alike. Landlords can use duplex properties to nearly double their income, while tenants enjoy a relatively cheaper cost of living since the rent is split between two or more parties.

Champion Homes Duplex Builders  Champion Homes Duplex Builders

Duplex homes are also a smart choice for homeowners who are interested in cutting back on their monthly expenses by taking in an additional occupant.

Increasing Density Without Unnecessary Development

Before duplex homes became a popular alternative to flats, Sydney’s older suburbs struggled to accommodate new residents. The way these suburbs were designed made it difficult to build new multi tenant properties and, with land value continuing to increase, building these large buildings is an expensive investment.

A Viable Solution

Duplex homes have become a viable solution to Sydney’s housing challenge. It allows the suburbs to increase population density without undergoing extensive development.

Furthermore, since duplex properties are being built primarily in older suburbs, the municipality doesn’t have to worry about building up infrastructure for electricity, water and sewerage; all of those services are already in place.

Have you considered owning a duplex home of your own?

Here are some reasons why you should:

  • You can live comfortably in one unit while saving money by renting out the other one.
  • When you sell your duplex, you can sell the entire building or sell each unit individually (subject to council approval).
  • Duplex homes let two families live on one block of land for a fraction of the price.

Simply put, duplex properties have helped take some of the population-related strain off a city that’s bursting at the seams. New residents can enjoy cheaper rates while the city cuts its land development in half, successfully providing a more efficient way to deal with urban sprawl.

Maximise Living Space

Duplex homes are also perfect for maximising the amount of living space that can be used on one plot of land without undertaking large development projects as with flats.

Champion Homes Duplex Builders   Champion Homes Duplex Builders

If you’re interested in purchasing a duplex for living or investment purposes, you will want to work with a building company that you can trust. There are a lot of rules and regulations that must be met when building duplex homes, so it’s important to use a building company who is familiar with these regulations and knows how to build a duplex property that is up to code.

Duplex homes have become a popular alternative to living in houses and flats, but they’re not for everyone. It takes a lot of planning and preparation before you can break ground on your property, which is why it’s important to meet with a knowledgeable consultant who can guide you through the process.



Champion Homes has been serving the Sydney area for approximately two decades. When it comes to duplex homes, they have the knowledge and expertise to ensure that you get the home you’ve always wanted. Contact one of their friendly professionals to schedule an initial consultation.


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